Sportowa Czestochowa was established at the end of 2012 and the first project was realized in 2013. So far Sportowa Czestochowa was an organizer or co-organizer of several dozen sport events in the scope of the city or voivodeship but also national and even international events

The main purpose of our organization is promoting healthy and active lifestyle. Encouragement and popularization of physical activity among children, teenagers and seniors who live in, or near, Czestochowa.


Sportowa Czestochowa Association

1. Conducts actvities for children and teenagers in the scope of: general physical exercises with elements of corrective gymnastics, football, basketball, volleyball, active games, unihockey.

2. Conducts activities for seniors: healthy spine, zumba, aquaaerobik, general physical exercises.

3. Conducts football section in the Wyczerpy-Aniolow district which brings together over 100 young fans of that sport.

4.  Organizes socio-educational classes in the scope of health.

5.  Organizes sport events such as: basketball, football, volleyball tournaments, festivals, picnics, open-air events.

6. Participates in sport camps, organizes trips which enable participating in sport events in other cities.

7. Organizes local camps for children and teenagers during winter and summer breaks.

8. Manages sport venue on Lourdyjska Street in Częstochowa.


Why thousands of people trust Sportowa Czestochowa Association?

1.  Qualified training and manager staff.

2. Using the most modern, well-equiped sport venues in the city.

3.  Using high-quality equipment during our trainings.

4. We adjust the difficulty of the training to the possibilities of the participants.

5. Trainigs are always conduct in a very nice atmosphere with a huge dose of laugh and with the ‘Fair Play’ rule.

6. Development of the passion and love for sport among children and teenagers, adults and seniors.

7.  Good fun and active relaxation.

8. Forming perseverance, regularity and the habit of caring about your health.

Projekt realizowany w ramach budżetu obywatelskiego w Częstochowie.

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