1000 Balls For Children And Teenagers

1000 balls for children and teenagers

1000 balls for children and teenagers Huge promotional campaign of Football Festival Czestochowa! 1000 balls for children and teenagers! 15…

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Training With Ewa Chodakowska

Training with Ewa Chodakowska

Training with Ewa Chodakowska - such an opportunity does not happen often! The unquestionable fitness star and, at the same…

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Football Festival Częstochowa – Where Do We Play ???

Football Festival Częstochowa – where do we play ???

Football Festival will be played on three sports facilities. The main place of matches and the closing ceremony for each…

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Full Set Of Teams In Category U9 And U8 – Year 2009 And Younger

Full set of teams in category U9 and U8 – year 2009 and younger

The youngest category – full set of teams in the category U9 – U8 – year 2009 and younger! We…

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Very Huge Interest In The Tournament For Category U14 – Year 2004 And Younger!

Very huge interest in the tournament for category U14 – year 2004 and younger!

Only few places have been left for teams interested in participating in the  Football Festival Częstochowa! We already have categories…

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Insurance For Players

Insurance for players

Attention! Very important information for the teams, coaches and players who participant in Football Festival Czestochowa! As the organizers of…

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Category U11 – Year 2007 And Younger – Ready To Play!

Category U11 – year 2007 and younger – ready to play!

List of the teams: Sportowa Częstochowa 2. ESBANK RAP Radomsko 3. Be Better Szkoła Kolnica 4. LKS Kamienica Polska 5.…

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Category U10 – Year 2008 And Younger

Category U10 – year 2008 and younger

Two last places in this category – U10 – year 2008 and younger. We would like to remind you that…

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We Know The List Of All Participants In The Category U10 – 2008 And Younger

We know the list of all participants in the category U10 – 2008 and younger

We've got next category completed! We know the list of all participants in the category U10 – 2008 and younger…

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Last Three Places In The Youngest Age Category U8 / U9 – Year 2009 And Younger

Last three places in the youngest age category U8 / U9 – year 2009 and younger

Registartion and more information can be obtained by email contact: or by telephone: 510 408 454 - Dawid Wytrzymały.…

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Application Limits

Application limits

If you have any questions about matters related to football games, please write: or call: 510 408 454 -…

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Information About Organization Of The Festival

Information about organization of the festival

During Czestochowa Football Festival there will be 6 football tournaments altogether, for players at the age of 9 to 14…

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Czestochowa Football Festival

Czestochowa Football Festival

Sportowa Czestochowa Association has a pleasure to invite you to participate in a unique event which will take place in…

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